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Schools and Acadamies

Creating vibrant and imaginative learning environments in which children can develop and grow is one of our areas of expertise, as we understand the key relationship between quality school design and academic achievement. It is fundamental within our company values that learning spaces should be stimulating and exciting to provoke engagement for both pupils and teachers. Equally, we recognise the importance of the effective use of space in the planning and creation of innovative design solutions.

Through our rich experience of school refurbishments, extensions and new-build projects, working with schools both under local authority control and academy trusts, we can offer a full multi-disciplinary service helping schools meet the spatial demands of pupil places, on programme and on budget.

From inception and concept design to post-completion, at Meridian we will be with you every step of the way. 

Historic Buildings

Identity of place and culture is reflected through our rich and unique range of listed and unlisted historic buildings of different periods, which require specialist conservation works that will safeguard heritage assets and comply with planning legislation. At Meridian we have many years of experience working with local authorities and private clients on historic buildings, offering conservation design solutions that sustain historic significance for future generations to learn and enjoy.

‘Conservation is the process of managing change to a significant place in its setting in ways that will best sustain its heritage values, while recognising opportunities to reveal or reinforce those values for present and future generations.’ English Heritage, 2008. 

We can provide pre-application advice to ensure that proposals to locally listed and nationally listed buildings, and buildings within conservation areas, meet statutory planning requirements. A good understanding of conservation principles and heritage values in assessing heritage significance of historic buildings is key for Meridian in working within the historic environment.

Public Sector

Meridian understand the demand for improved public services and property rationalisation through creative solutions of new-build, conversion and refurbishment projects. We have two decades of public sector experience working with asset managers, budget holders and custodians. We provide the design and delivery of uplifting, contemporary and effective working environments to meet the needs of end-users of public sector buildings.

Existing public sector buildings are often converted for re-use and we can work with local authorities to minimise costs and reduce disruption, through effective design planning and construction methods. Our experience also includes working with the historic environment on designated buildings and within conservation areas, to utilise the extensive historic building stock held by local authorities. 

We are committed to quality design and delivery of property asset projects within budget and on-programme, and we are happy to discuss your project from its feasibility to help develop the project brief. 


In responding to todays commercial challenges, we pride ourselves in delivering quality innovative architectural solutions through an experienced understanding of contemporary workplace design and aspiring internal environments, whilst conforming to planning and building regulations. 

We encourage close working relationships with all of our clients, to gain a thorough understanding of each stakeholder's perspective which informs the specific needs and requirements of the design. Delivering projects on-time, on-budget and with quality detailed design is integral to the Meridian mantra. 

Taking a strong yet flexible approach in leading the project design team, our aim is to exceed the expectations of the client to deliver dynamic commercial buildings, including new-build shell and fit-out, refurbishments, conversions and extensions. Our collaborative ethos ensures that sustainable, functional, elegant and provoking commercial developments will encourage wellbeing, productivity and creativity in the workplace.


Sustainable development is a collective responsibility, which is why Meridian take a holistic approach to sustainability in our practice and in our buildings. Collaborating closely from project inception with our ecologists, sustainability specialists and engineers, we take pride in creating and delivering architectural design which provides economic, social and environmental benefits for our clients and the building end users.

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The United Nations, 1987. 

In striving towards the government’s 2020 renewable energy target and beyond, we are committed to designing sustainable buildings and promote environmentally conscious technical solutions. As a minimum our detailed design proposals achieve the building energy modelling requirements under current building regulations for non-domestic buildings and domestic buildings, and where BREEAM is required we can include this within our service. Creating sustainable environments which enhance the wellbeing and happiness of building occupants is fundamental to our design ethos.